Current Uk threat level: substantial
FSI Security Stop Intruders
Our security teams twice stopped a group of organised thieves from stealing drums of copper, an example of security working at its best.

A group of organised thieves were detected at our clients site by our security team, the group were using a vehicle with false number plates and were attempting to steal drums of copper, the security team dealt with this efficiently and effectively and prevented any loss to the client. This wasn't the end of this story and the thieves returned that same evening with additional people for a second attempt at stealing the drums of copper their efforts were once again thwarted by the FSI security team and left unsuccessful in their endeavors.

At FSI we often talk about how the cleaning and security team can act as a force multiplier this was demonstrated recently when there was a security breach at a site on which we provide cleaning services. Three intruders entered the site and the quick, calm actions of our cleaning supervisor in alerting Security to the intruders who were then able to deal with the issue.

"her (cleaning supervisors) actions formed a key part to the successful removal of the intruders and enable an increased Security awareness to help prevent further issues  re-occurring".