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Waste management and control of chemical stores

FSI are committed to a greener more sustainable world and we offer a wide range of educational packages on all aspects of waste. We can provide audits on items such as compliance to segregation, and have a proven waste management model that has been implemented successfully on sites with noticeable positive impacts.

Waste management and sustainability are fundamental in enabling clients the time to focus on core businesses whilst enhancing their environmental credentials. FSI has developed an innovative and collaborative approach to waste management that optimises a clients waste streams in line with the recognised waste hierarchy model.

FSI delivers this service by establishing strong relationships with client representatives and their waste carriers. Thereafter ensuring the correct type and number of waste receptacles are in place to offer effective waste segregation and the cascading of education on waste segregation. FSI ensures segregation is adhered to and monitored, that the waste is disposed of in line with the waste hierarchy, that uplift frequencies to the site are correct and the the exporting of 'air' is zeroed. FSI undertake Duty of Care audits are carried out on both the incumbent waste carriers and internally, these audits ensure that the site meets its legal obligations. Finance, waste reports and the latest developments within the sector are reviewed monthly to help identify any potential improvements to the sites management of waste.

FSI is able to manage both non-hazardous and hazardous waste. FSI are genuine experts in pushing waste up the waste hierarchy whilst simultaneously making reductions in the overall cost of waste disposal.

In addition to waste management FSI provides management and control of Chemical stores including, documentation control, the safe segregation and storage of chemicals, booking in and out of chemicals, loading of non-hazardous and hazardous waste for disposal and unloading of deliveries such as chemicals.

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